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ESRB Rating: The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) certifies every video game released on every system with a rating based on its contents. The scale starts at E (Everyone) and generally goes to M (Mature). In some cases, games have received an AO (Adults Only 18+) rating, but those titles are typically revised to earn an M. When picking a PlayStation 5 game, it’s important to consider the ESRB’s rating if you’re shopping for a younger player. Almost all video game genres on the PlayStation 5 include titles available at every level on the rating scale.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - PS5 (Pre-owned)


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As in any great platformer, it’s a treat to just run around the environment in Astro’s Playroom. Astro doesn’t have as wide a range of talents as, say, Mario in Super Mario Odyssey, but he does have a handy jetpack, a fierce spin attack, and the ability to tug on ropes real hard. Each of these activates the new haptics in the DualSense controller, showing off the nuances of the enhanced vibration technology. As just a simple example, if you walk across a glass surface as Astro, you’ll feel the small tippy-taps of each step within the controller. Tugging on a rope to launch an underground enemy into the sky yields a far different experience, with a more intense vibration within the whole of the controller, followed by the ka-thunk of Astro falling back on his robutt.

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Resident Evil Village largely follows the same mechanics as its predecessors with the inventory system being the same where players can organize items including weapons and supplies. Village has been revered for its immersive horror setting along with a satisfying story. Horror fans should check RE Village out and get ready for jumpscares.

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When the PS5 launched in November, it seemed like Sony was firing on all cylinders. While Microsoft had no real exclusives to pair with the Xbox Series X, Sony came out the gate with Demon’s Souls, Astro’s Playroom, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and more. That momentum ground to a halt over the next few months … that is until Returnal. The third-person shooter is a haunting action game that feels like the first real next-gen game. Part of what makes it feel so far beyond what we’ve seen so far is its Dualsense support. It takes full advantage of Sony’s unique controller to deliver a more immersive experience. The haptic feedback simulates everything from rain to the icky sensation of an alien parasite attaching to the main character’s body. The adaptive triggers are used to control different firing modes depending on how far they’re pressed down, doubling the functions of a single button. The build-in speaker drops helpful sound cues that let players know when their alt-fire has recharged, cutting through an otherwise busy sound mix. For those who really want to see what this generation is capable of, Returnal is the starting point.

Using a PlayStation gift card couldn’t be easier. The user logs onto the PlayStation Network (PSN) using their account—they can create a new account in minutes if this is their first time. Once logged into their account, they enter the code on the PSN card to redeem it, and the amount of the card is then added to their PlayStation Network Canada balance. From there, they can buy and download those PS3 or PS4 games they’ve been hoping for. They can also rent or buy digital movies, and even subscribe to Spotify Premium streaming music service.

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We’ll continue to add new entries to this list as the PS5’s library of games grows. It’s still early days for Sony’s latest console, and the pandemic delayed production of a number of big-budget titles on both PlayStation and Xbox.

Minecraft’s Another Milestone, Became the First Game to Cross 1 Trillion Views on YouTube

True Colors is an emotional story that packs a lot of punch, making this almost more akin to getting into a great drama than starting a new video game. With a high replayability rating and a soundtrack to die for, this is one of the best Telltale games to date and the ideal choice if you want a less violent game.

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In the list of the top five selling consoles of all time, PlayStations take up three spots! The PlayStation 2 is the number one selling console of all time with 159 million sales. The PlayStation 4 is number four, and the PlayStation 1 is number five.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is a great game for any player. Fans of previous recent Assassin’s Creed games will love how this game builds on previous mechanics, while those new to the series will like the open world and solid story. The game offers hours upon hours of entertainment. As you would expect, there’s tons of side quests and extra content to enjoy too.

But for all of its fancy new toys, Death Stranding is still a game about doing the grunt work necessary to connect with others. Its script can be metaphorically clumsy, but it never stumbles in expressing those metaphors through the gameplay itself.

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An open-world RPG Assassin's Creed set in the Viking era

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Garena Free Fire’s New Alpine Map Making Debut on New Year with New Additions

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So, they stay with you forever. Which is especially important for those with a PS5 given the console’s lower amount of available storage space on the SSD. Eventually that will change when the PS5 supports expandable storage. But that won’t be coming till a future update. That’s why it’s a good thing that all you need to do is claim your free PS Plus games. As you may not have the room to install them.



Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the first full entry to the original series since A Crack in Time launched in 2009. As a fan of the franchise since I was four years old, the wait for a proper sequel has been excruciating. And after replaying the entire series this year, I’ve been curious what a complete and modern Ratchet & Clank experience could look like.

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Developed as a third-person adventure game, players will get to control a stray cat in a world full of robots as they make their way across this strange world to reunite with their family. Stray will have a big focus on open-world exploration as well as puzzle-solving.

The upcoming PS5 games set to drop in 2022 and beyond is a very exciting line-up, with titles like God of War: Ragnarok currently the highest anticipated title for PS5 owners. But that's not all, so we've put together this list of the new PS5 games to look out for, all ordered by release date.

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Horizon Forbidden West is in many ways the PS5's biggest next-gen showcase to date, bringing mind-bogglingly gorgeous visuals at 60FPS, depending on your graphics mode, to PS5 gamers everywhere.

They are available at no extra cost to PS5 owners with PS Plus.

Even if your TV doesn't necessarily support 120fps, you should feel a difference in terms of "smoothness" and "controller response" when playing with the increased framerate enabled. However, you will get the best effect when your TV supports 120Hz, which effectively means it can refresh 120 times every second.

PlayStation Plus is almost a necessary subscription service for any PlayStation console if you want to play games online with your friends. There are tons of other perks that make it worth it, but for most people, the primary reason they get a PlayStation Plus subscription is the ability to play online with others.

On the PlayStation 4, Sony’s PS Plus works exactly like Xbox Live Gold on the Xbox One. It’s required for online multiplayer gaming.


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