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Interventions (behavioral and biomedical) and educational training are cost-effective, proven and scalable public health prevention approaches to disease prevention and maintenance among populations that bear the greatest burden of disease. Our Intervention and Training Team is certified in a number of evidence-based interventions endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and have developed several home grown interventions for populations that are oftentimes overlooked by the current healthcare system. 

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RAW is designed to find influential people in various communities, train them to become “Opinion Leaders,” and educate them about good sexual health methods and practices, HIV, AIDS, and other STIs, risk reduction methods, and how to communicate effectively with their peers. Opinion Leaders are then responsible for disseminating this information their friendship circles, family and social/sexual network members through conversations that change social norms.  


Crossroads is designed for HIV-negative Black men to facilitate a conversation about the intersection between (1) race, (2) sexual orientation, gender roles, and masculinity, and (3) stigma, racism, and discrimination. We also discuss issues with finding love and power and how these factors contribute to getting HIV and other STIs and how men can prevent this from happening.   

Healthy Relationships is a program designed as a safe space for HIV positive black men to discuss issues that uniquely affect them. These issues include disclosure of status, HIV criminalization, medication adherence, dating, interacting with HIV negative partners and coming to terms with being HIV positive.  


Pillow Talk is a transformative group that engages in intimate conversations that have HIV prevention and medication adherence at its core. Topics of these monthly dinner conversations range from facing personal insecurities, love, finding and maintaining relationships, mental health, drug use, intimate partner violence, and much more. 

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